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Since 1961 Electro Saguenay has been a pioneer, a leader and an emblem for reliability in the turn-key construction, upgrade and maintenance of electric energy provisioning and telecommunication networks everywhere in Quebec. We excel in the following fields: transmission and distribution lines, windfarm and collector networks, substations, erection of steel pylons, implantation of poles and anchors, deployment of telecommunication networks, fiber optics fusions and OTDR testing, underground pipes, as well as research and development in all of our fields of business. Electro Saguenay is a privately owned corporation with a work force of 100 to 200 employees.


With a workforce of 100 to 200 employees, Electro Saguenay is a thriving private family owned business operating in the High-voltage Energy and Telecommunications sector throughout the province of Quebec since 1961.

Our success stems from the fact that our human resources constitute our most important asset and that each member of our personnel embraces the values which were instilled by my father, Mr. Clément Fleury: work well done, rigour, respect and integrity.

I take great pride when I see that with each new mandate, not only are our employees passionate and committed, but they are also ambassadors for these values which are the foundation of our company. We strive to ensure that our employees are equipped with the most cutting edge technology and training available on the market in order to foster their health, security and efficiency in the execution of all mandates.

Jean-Pierre Fleury
President & CEO

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Electro Saguenay has become a master in the turn-key construction, upgrade and maintenance of all electrical infrastructures for Hydro-Quebec and other private companies owning electric networks, from distribution lines to 735 KV transmission lines, including substations. Whether it be connecting windfarms or substations to the provisioning network, Electro Saguenay masters all of the fields of competence required, including engineering and project management. Electro Saguenay has built over 5500 km of electric distribution networks. Our services are also available for the Canadian and American markets.

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Electro Saguenay is a pioneer and a leader in the construction, upgrade and maintenance of all infrastructures required to build private telecommunication networks at the cutting edge of technology. Electro Saguenay also owns 1500 km of fiber optic networks located in Saguenay, in Levis and in Lower St-Lawrence. We are looking for business partners to commercialize these assets. We have also built over 6000 km of private fiber optic networks throughout the province of Quebec, not counting thousands of kilometers of coaxial and multiline cables. Our services are also available for the Canadian and American markets.

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