Civil works

Electro Saguenay has the expertise, qualified labor as well as the entire range of specialized machinery to address any challenge and in any climatic condition.

Civil works include the following elements:

Concrete structures

Turnkey construction of concrete structures required for the fulfillment of your projects.


Construction, maintenance and modification of underground conduits and man holes

Turnkey installation or modification of underground conduits and manholes in order to allow the insertion of fiber optics and multi-line cables.

The elements included in the construction, maintenance and modification of underground conduits and manholes are:

  • Structural engineering and design based on customers’ requirements, whether it be for low or mid-range voltage networks or for telecom networks.
  • Structural evaluation, construction or modification including:
    • Localization of existing services and impact assessment with respect to new structural requirements
    • Installation of conduits with both directional drilling or pushed conduits methods
    • Provisioning, installation, repair and/or modification of both above and below ground concrete structures, whether it be manholes, hand holes and/or draw wells and platforms for transformers and/or severing devices
    • Construction and/or repair of above or below ground concrete conduits
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Burying of cables

Turnkey projects to bury electrical and telecommunications cables.

Electro Saguenay is the only company in Quebec who owns a mole plough equipped with a vibration mechanism facilitating the installation of cables in land that is not suitable for cable burying.

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