Maxime Fleury, BBA

Vice-President Energy at Electro Saguenay Ltd. since 2018, Maxime Fleury is responsible for the management and coordination of large-scale turn-key construction projects in the fields of High-voltage transport lines, distribution lines, transformation and distribution substations, as well as wind farms.

He joined Electro Saguenay’s ranks in 2003 in the position of Project Manager and Project Director from 2006 to 2018.

With a background of 14 years in Project Management, Mr. Fleury played a key role in the costing, conception and engineering management, as well as implementation of 12 major turn-key projects.

He is noted for his experience and his technical competencies, his sharp mind, his excellent analytical skills and his ease for problem solving.

Mr. Fleury holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Laval University in Québec.