Health, Security and Environment


At Electro Saguenay, we consider that our human resources are our most important asset. With this perspective in mind, each project is governed by a security management program tailored to its specific requirements as well as preventive work methods in order to ensure the health, security and physical integrity of our employees. This process allows us to significantly reduce the risks which are inherent to health and security at work.

Esselectro Saguenay’s management has also put in place concrete measures fostering the reduction of negative impacts of our activities on the environment.

We aim at building a work culture where security and the protection of the environment are at the center of corporate and individual concerns.


Throughout the years, Electro Saguenay has built a solid reputation among its customers as an industry leader in terms of health, security, productivity and the protection of the environment in all of its projects.
sse2Our health, security and environment officers constantly develop and implement new protection policies for our workers. Moreover, all employees are invited to actively participate to the implementation of our prevention programs by observing security measures and by contributing through their actions to the achievement of a safe and healthy environment.

With this perspective, ESL has created an EMBASSADOR PROGRAM. Through a monthly contest, Électrosag’s employees are invited to actively participate in nominating their own achievements and those of their colleagues. This brings focus to the topic of prevention to employee discussions on our construction sites and with a positive outlook.


Through its SST DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES, Électro Saguenay’s Management team has permanently committed to respecting and contributing to the evolution of the following principles:


  • Ensure continuous prevention with respect to the health and security of our workers and our subcontractors.
  • At all times, supply equipment, machinery and tools which are in excellent working condition.
  • Prevent and react efficiently in emergency situations.
  • Identify and respect legal requirements.
  • Develop new techniques and methods, equipment and tools to increase the security of our workers.
  • Ensure adequate training and supervision to ensure that every employee has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform securely the work that has been assigned to them.
  • Ensure that all of our facilities and construction sites are equipped and structured to provide a safe environment for all of our workers.
  • Coach and support workers in using the adequate individual protection gear, respecting the correct work methods and security measures at all times.
  • Develop active listening skills in order to better respond to workers’ needs with respect to health and security at work.
  • Actively participate with our customers to joint work site inspections and improvement of work site prevention.