ISO 9001 : 2015 Standards

iso 9001 groupe

All of Electro-Saguenay’s contracts are governed by ISO-9001-2015 standards.

Electro Saguenay’s quality policy governs all of the following activities:

  • Construction and maintenance of high and low voltage electrical lines
  • Construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks
  • Construction and maintenance of underground pipes and manholes
  • Construction and maintenance of electrical power substations
  • Construction and maintenance of windfarm projects
  • Construction and maintenance of transport lines
  • Construction and maintenance of distribution lines
  • Installation of poles and anchors
  • Turnkey projects in all activities listed above


ISO 9001 : 2015


The pursuit of excellence in the development of our organisation represents a top priority. For this reason, we are committed to satisfy our customers’ requirements in terms of the quality of our services, while respecting both project costs and deadlines.
Our commitment translates into rigorous project tracking, well maintained equipment, proper work methods, competent and available sub-contractors, as well as qualified personnel.

Our Quality Policy is based on respect and on ongoing improvement of our quality management system in order to ensure an efficient and homogenous management of our business.

In order to honour this commitment, Electro Saguenay’s Upper Management supplies all of the necessary resources for the success of its operation in an environment that fosters the development of individual competencies. This commitment extends to all of our personnel and aims at the sustained improvement of our management system.