McInnis Cement Plant – Transport line

Construction of a 230 KV transport line to connect to the McInnis Cement Plant substation in 2015 on the Gaspésie territory. Value $1M-$2M.

Location: Port Daniel, Gaspésie

Customer: McInnis Cement plant

Year: 2015

Project description

As part of the construction of the McInnis Cement plant in Port Daniel, Gaspésie, Hydro-Quebec gave Electro Saguenay the mandate to connect the new plant to its nearest facilities. This project consisted in building a 1.5 KM transport line at 230 KV.

Project details

The construction of a 230 KV transport line includes:

– Installation and removal of temporary roads
– Installation of pylon foundations
– Erection de 5 pylons (types: DPK, DAK, DAE and DAI)
– Installation of temporary road protection
– Installation and removal of a temporary network deviation at 230 KV on wood poles
– Work on live pylons
– Installation of a 1.5 KM transport line with three-phase conductors and ground cables
– Installation of perimetric and continuous counterweights over 1.5 KM