Ouiatchouan Hydroelectric Energy – Val Jalbert (Lac Saint-Jean) substation

Turnkey project. Engineering, provisioning and construction of a 161 KV power substation for the provisioning of the Val Jalbert 16 MW hydroelectric power plant for OUIATCHOUAN HYDRO ENERGY  in 2013, in the Lac Saint-Jean region.

Location: Val-Jalbert historical village.

Customer: Ouiatchouan Hydroelectric Energy

Year: 2013

Project description

Within the framework of the construction of a mini-power plant, Ouiatchouan Hydroelectric Energy, Limited partner with the Lac-Saint-Jean Community Energy Corporation, commissioned the Val-Jalbert project. This project consisted in the construction of a mini-power plant of 16 MW, powered by the Val-Jalbert regional park Ouiatchouan River. Electro Saguenay was mandated to build a 161 KV electrical substation for the provisioning of the Val Jalbert mini-power plant. Part of the civil work and excavation had to be done jointly with the Lac-Saint-Jean archeological department because it was a heritage protected historic site.

Project details

The project consisted of building a 161 kV power substation, including:
– Engineering and substation design
– Provisioning of all materials
– Civil works
– Concrete foundations and holding tanks
– Installation of grounds
– Connection of power supply and controls
– Installation of structures
– Installation and assembly of instrumentation
– Connection of instrumentation
– Transformer oil removal and filling
– Preoperational testing
– Preoperational certification