Rio Tinto Alcan – Shipshaw 161 KV substation

Installation of the instrumentation for Alcan Rio Tinto’s 161 KV-14.4 KV power substation in Jonquière, Saguenay, in 2011.

Location: Shipshaw, Saguenay

Customer: Rio Tinto Alcan

Year: 2011

Project description

In conjunction with its electrical infrastructure repair program, Rio Tinto Alcan, who specialises in the production of bauxite, alumina and aluminum, created the Shipshaw Optimisation project. This project consisted in moving the generating units from the Chute-à-Caron power station to a new location close to the existing Shipshaw power station to increase throughput to 225 MW.

Project details

The project consisted in the construction of a new 161 KV substation and included:
– Provisioning and installation of structures
– Installation and assembly of instrumentation
– Connection of instrumentation
– Transformer oil removal and filling
– Preoperational testing
– Preoperational certification