Boralex –Transformation substation for the Témiscouata windfarm

Turnkey project. Engineering, provisioning and construction of a 120 KV at 34.5 KV, 75 MW, power substation for Boralex in 2014 in Saint-Honoré de Témiscouata.

Location: Saint-Honoré de Témiscouata

Customer: Boralex

Year: 2014

Project description

With the objective of building a 75 MW windfarm, Éolienne de Témiscouata, in a limited partnership with Boralex and the Témiscouata MRC, created the Témiscouata windfarm project and mandated Electro Saguenay to fulfil the project. This project consisted in the construction of a 32 wind turbines windfarm in the municipality of St-Honoré de Témiscouata.

Project details

The project involved the construction of a 161 KV substation including:
– Engineering and substation design
– Implementation of a SCADA system to manage communications between the Hydro-Quebec substation and the head-office
– Provisioning of all material except for power transformers
– Provisioning and construction of the control building
– Civil works
– Concrete foundations and holding tanks
– Installation of grounds
– Connection of power supply and controls
– Installation of structures
– Installation and assembly of instrumentation
– Connection of instrumentation
– Transformer oil removal and filling
– Preoperational testing
– Preoperational certification
– Construction of the operational building
– Construction of the maintenance building