Cartier windfarm energy – Baie-des-Sables 109.5 MW windfarm

Engineering, provisioning and construction of a 109.5 MW windfarm collector network for Cartier Windfarm Energy in 2006, in Baie-des-Sables, Gaspésie. Value: $10M-$15M.

Project description

The Baie-des-Sables windfarm has been in operation since November of 2006. It has a capacity of 109,5 MW and was the first windfarm built by Cartier Windfarm Energy. It was entirely built on privately owned land and is comprised of 73 wind turbines. It was a success with respect to all aspects of the project, including construction, scheduling and integration to surrounding communities. It is located on the municipalities of Baie-des-Sables and Métis-sur-Mer. The project consists in the installation of 73 GE wind turbines, an underground and aerial collector network and a substation to transport the energy to Hydro-Quebec.

Project details

The project involved the connection of 73 wind turbines to the electrical substation and to the collector network. This windfarm is comprised of 61 KM of three phased 35 KV underground network as well as 17.7 KM of 35 KV aerial network. It includes:
– Engineering and design of the collector network
– Provisioning of materials
– Excavation and backfilling of trenches
– Installation and connection of 35 KV conductors
– Installation and connection of the fiber optic network
– Preoperational testing