Cartier windfarm energy – Carleton 109.5 MW windfarm

Engineering, provisioning and construction of a 109.5 MW windfarm collector network for Cartier Windfarm Energy. Connection of 73 GE wind turbines grounding grids & conduits in 2008 in Carleton-sur-Mer, Gaspésie. Value: $10M-$15M.

Location: Carleton-sur-Mer

Customer: Cartier Windfarm Energy

Year: 2008

Project description

The Carleton windfarm has been in operation since November 2008. This windfarm has a capacity of 109,5 MW and is comprised of 73 wind turbines. It is entirely located on public territory. It covers two municipal territories: the city of Carleton-sur-Mer and the Bonaventure MRC territory. The project consists of the installation of 73 GE wind turbines, a collector network and a substation to transport the electricity to Hydro-Quebec.

Project details

The project involved the connection of 73 wind turbines to the electrical substation and to the collector network. This windfarm is comprised of a 73 KM three phased 35 KV underground network. The internal connection of the wind turbines, the installation of grounding grids and of conduits are also included in the project. Also included are:
– Engineering and design of the collector network
– Provisioning of materials
– Excavation and backfilling of trenches
– Installation and connection of 35 KV conductors
– Installation and connection of the fiber optic network
– Installation of 600V power connection to wind turbines
– Internal connection of wind turbines
– Installation of wind turbines grounding
– Installation of wind turbines foundations and conduits
– Preoperational testing
– Preoperational certification