Hydro-Quebec – Transport line in Courbe du Sault (Côte-Nord)

Construction of a 161 KV transport line for Hydro-Quebec in 2012 with wooden H-frames and steel pylons over 3 KM in the Courbe-du-Sault region close to Sheldrake, Côte-Nord, Quebec. Project scope of $3M-$4M.

Location: Sheldrake, Côte-Nord, Quebec

Customer: Hydro-Quebec

Year: 2012

Project description

During the construction of the Courbe-du-Sault power substation by the Axor Group for Hydro-Quebec, Electro Saguenay was responsible for the substation’s connection to the rest of the network. The project consisted in building a 3.3 KM 161KV transport line.

Project details

The contract consisted in the construction of a 161 KV power line including:
– Building and removing temporary roads
– Pole implantation
– Installation of the pylons’ foundations
– Building 26 H-frame wood structures
– Erection of 7 pylons (CLM and BBK types)
– Installation of 3.3 KM of de 3.3 km de three-phase conductors as well as ground cable
– Installation of perimetric and continuous counterweights over 3.3 KM