Hydro-Quebec – Transport line in l’Anse-Pleureuse (Gaspésie)

Construction and modification of a transport line for Hydro-Quebec in Anse-Pleureuse, Gaspésie. Value: $500K-$1M.

Location: Anse-Pleureuse, Gaspésie

Customer: Hydro-Quebec

Year: 2012

Project description

Electro Saguenay was Hydro-Quebec’s prime contractor for the conversion to 25 KV of a transport line previously built at 120 KV but operating at 69 KV between Anse Pleureuse and Murdochville. This project consisted in adding a neutral line on the entire line trajectory, as well as various repairs on the line along the way.

Project details

This project involved the reconstruction of the entire line and included:
– Erection of 3 H-frame wood structures
– Repairs on existing wood structures
– Replacement of poles and anchors
– Installation of a neutral cable over 14 KM