Transport lines


The construction, modification and maintenance of high voltage electrical transport lines includes the following elements:

  • Installation and removal of temporary roads
  • Installation of pylon foundations (steel grates, mooring piles, rocks)
  • Pylon assembly
  • Erection of 44, 120, 161, 315, 735 KV pylons
  • Installation of temporary protection for existing roads and power lines
  • Installation and removal of temporary high voltage bypass wood structures
  • Implantation of H-Poles wood structures
  • Work on live-wire pylons
  • Installation of 44, 120, 161, 315, 735 KV conductors
  • Installation and modification ground-wires with or without integrated fiber optics
  • Installation of perimetric and continuous counterweights throughout the network
  • Material transport
  • Installation and removal of wood structures