Related services

Project Management

Electro Saguenay assigns a specialized Project Manager to each project to ensure that all of the customers’ requirements are met with respect to quality, conformity and budgets. The Project Manager regularly schedules progress status meetings with the customers and becomes the single point of contact throughout the duration of the project.

Health & Security field management

The Health & Security coordinator is responsible for evaluating the potential risks on every project for our workers in the field. He is also responsible for prescribing preventive actions aiming at avoiding accidents and, more generally, all potential health risks during the course of the project and during the subsequent project maintenance. During the planning phase, he submits an overall security and protection plan to be implemented by all of our workers for the project’s duration. At the time of the project’s delivery, he prepares the intervention guidelines applicable to the maintenance activities of the project.

Quality Management

Electro Saguenay is certified ISO 9001:2015 and assigns a Quality Manager to each of its projects to ensure that all deliverables are in conformity with customers’ requirements.